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Tips for First Time Exhibitors

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Tips for First Time Exhibitors

Invite Your Target Customers to the Show:

Reach out to your existing customers and prospects and let them know you're exhibiting at the show. Start by giving them a quick call to set up an appointment during the show and be sure to follow up by sending them an email with your own personalized registration URL.

Complete Your Directory Listing:

Once your official show contract is submitted, you’ll receive an email with your Company ID and Access Code to log into the directory system. Be sure to log on and update your company profile, including your line and category listings for the printed show directory.

Share Your New Products with Retailers at the Show:

Share Your New Products with Retailers at the Show:

Offer a Worthwhile Show Special:

Encourage retailers to place their order with you at the show by giving them an offer they can’t refuse.

Read the Exhibitor Service Kit & Be Aware of Important Details:

Download the exhibitor set up manual and make sure you send in the required forms by the required dates.

Order a Lead Retrieval Unit to Track Customers at the Show:

Small, light-weight, and very easy-to-use, LeadKey will provide you with a complete record of every prospective customer who visits your booth. Click here to order yours.

Pack Your Materials:

Bring enough Catalogs, Price Lists & Office Supplies to Last the Entire Show

Prep Your Booth Staff: 

Make sure your team is ready to go, with an upbeat attitude about your products and the show! Encourage your team to dress professionally, and be ready with a welcoming smile.

Have a Post Show Follow-up Plan:

The most important and often, most forgotten, part of the show is your post-show follow-up. Many purchasing decisions/orders come in AFTER the show. So, follow-up is key and there are a variety of ways to do it -- from thank you notes and calls to emails and more to the lists/contacts you collect using our lead retrieval system. Have a plan in place before you get to the show so you can act on it after.

Follow the Show on Social Media: 

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, and Instagram! Keep your own social media pages updated consistently so your followers keep coming back for more! Another perk of an updated page? We will be sharing exhibitor Facebook posts year-round! Help us help you and post something new at least once a week.


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