Tempi Design Studio

Behind The Brand: Tempi Design Studio

BOOTH: 3022

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1. How long has your company been in business and what do you specialize in?

In business 11 years, 5 years full time.

2. What is your most popular style/design to date?
My equestrian designs have been highly successful.

3. What is new with your brand?
I have begun some designs that have whimsy and fun motifs. I have new designs that come out quarterly.

4.  What types of trends are you seeing in the industry right now?
People are looking for a small, quality jewelry item to wear and hold up to everyday wear.

5.  How have your customer’s needs changed as of lately?
 People are looking for customized lengths or customized versions of designs I already have.

6.  How long have you exhibited with us?
This will be my first time, 2019.

7.  What would you say to someone wanting to attend the Philadelphia Gift Show?
Come and see what is here! I am sure you will find some amazing handcrafted products!!