Cherchies Specialty Foods

Behind The Brand: Cherchies Specialty Foods

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1. How long has your company been in business and what do you specialize in?

41 years of creating quality gourmet foods (mustards, preserves, quick-cooking soup mixes, seasoning blends, and gift collections

2. What is your most popular style/design to date?
Our award-winning Champagne Mustard.

3. What is new with your brand?
Wholesale Gift Collections

4.  How have your customer’s needs changed as of lately?
 We’re seeing a need for more Gluten Free options (which we have).

5.  How long have you exhibited with us?
This is our 6th show we believe.

6.  What would you say to someone wanting to attend the Philadelphia Gift Show?
A must try!  Quality and delicious gourmet mustards, preserves, soup mixes, seasoning blends and gift collections