January 30 - February 2, 2022 | Greater Philadelphia Expo Center | Oaks, PA

'Tis the Season For Handmade

'Tis the Season For Handmade

Savvy retailers are seeking out handcrafted American products! They know consumers are looking for items that are unique. Tired of seeing the same mass-produced merchandise in every store, shoppers are drawn to the special nature of handmade, artistic, creations to give at holiday time or to own personally.

Moreover, handcrafted products are very often made with high quality materials that are respectful of the environment. Growing concern over the fate of our planet has many buyers, especially younger ones, looking for natural materials, low impact production methods, and resourceful packaging.

Finally, and perhaps the most importantly, these handmade products forge a personal connection between the maker and the owner. Handmade goods are the result of an individual’s vision and talent, and they always have a story to tell. While it is difficult to see the story behind extruded plastic, it is a joy to understand the artistic mind and skill that create handmade objects. It makes them truly special to give and to own, so be sure they are in your store’s inventory mix this season!


Diane Sulg
Executive Director, CRAFT


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