Zaer Ltd International

BEHIND THE BRAND: Zaer Ltd International

BOOTH: 113


1. How long has your company been in business and what do you specialize in?

25 years; we specialize in home, garden and seasonal decor

2. What is your most popular style/design to date?
Our Large Christmas Sleighs, Trucks, and Set of Mailboxes

3. What is new with your brand?
Always creating our own new designs and innovations

4.  What types of trends are you seeing in the industry right now?
Mood lighting and solar products

5.  How have your customer’s needs changed as of lately?
 More customers are interested in drop-shipping than ever before so we are changing up our packaging and shipping to make this easier, safer, and more cost effective

6.  How long have you exhibited with us?
20 years

7.  What would you say to someone wanting to attend the Philadelphia Gift Show?
DO IT! The attendance is great, full of great people and vendors. The staff is always helpful and accommodating. It may not be the largest show we exhibit at but we always return home with a stack of orders and a list of new customers!